Aquamaster water treatment offers you a one – stop solution for providing your Ultra pure water treatment systems for Dentist or the Best quality water purifiers and purification systems for domestic or commercial users.

Reverse osmosis purification systems can be tailored designed to meet your requirements. For companies who would like to get away from the dangers associated with using demineralisation systems.
Why not use Reverse osmosis with EDI ( Electro-dionisation) this will polish the permeate water to produce a typical quality better then 10 Meg Ohms.
The EDI purification system use alternating semi-permeable anion and cation exchange membranes. The spaces between the membranes are configured to create liquid flow compartments with inlets and outlets. A transverse DC electrical field is applied by an external power source using electrodes at the ends of the membranes and compartments. When the compartments are subjected to an electric field, ions in liquid are attracted to their respective counter-electrodes. The result is that the compartments bounded by the anion membrane facing the cation membrane facing the cathode become depleted of ions and thus called diluting compartments. The membrane facing the anode will then trap the ions that have transferred in from the diluting compartments increase relative to the feed, they are called concentrating compartments, and the water flowing through them is referred to as the concentrating stream.
EDI Reverse osmosis ultra pure water treatment systems is considered a much safer way of producing pure water for many commercial and industrial companies. The other benefits of the EDI system is that it does not need to be taken out of service unlike the demin plant does.

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