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Commercial reveres osmosis systems for most water applications

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Commercial reverse osmosis systems, in their most basic form, consist of a pressure pump, housing and membrane. Water is forced into the housing under pressure and the pure water (or permeate) is collected and passed to service. Reject water (or concentrate) is collected from another outlet and routed to drain, with a portion of the concentrate water recycled back to the inlet of the pump. This means that the portion of water sent to drain is kept to a minimum, allowing a recovery ratio of approx 75% to be achieved without significant fouling of the membrane.

The re circulation allows a higher flow of water through the pump, reducing the load on it’s bearings and keeping the pump running cooler. The re circulation on all units is adjustable.
The sizes of Commercial reverse osmosis systems and choice of membrane will be determined by the permeate quantity required.
feed water salinity and permeate quality expected. Low energy membranes allow the units to run at pressures around 150-200psi, and as such the pressure booster pumps required to generate the pure water are smaller, and the power consumption is reduced significantly.

These membranes will produce water quality of approx. 10 microsiemens from an input water of between 500-700 microsiemens. If higher permeate quality is required a different range of membranes with higher pressure pumps can be used.on Commercial reverse osmosis systems and are normally built and used as single units producing the quantity required during the working day.
If circumstances demand, the commercial reverse osmosis systems can be duplexed with a central control panel being used to allow manual or automatic switching of the Reverse osmosis plant in service, and will also allow the units to run in parallel when the demand for water is higher, thus doubling the permeate production. Also for very high purity waters the Reverse osmosis system can be manufactured in "double pass mode" - This means the permeate water from the first unit is fed as raw water into the second pass of the commercial reverse osmosis system - This already high quality water will then be improved and a very pure water is produced, typically less than 1 microsiemen.
When sizing the pre-treatment system for commercial reverse osmosis systems the quantity of water available on the raw water feed side needs to be checked carefully as the commercial reverse osmosis system needs a higher feed flow than it’s permeate output, as the recovery of the units is approx. 75% for the pure water. The 25% concentrate that is rejected by the
RO can be used for any application where soft water is required such as wash water, grey water for toilet flushing or in some cases cooling tower make-up. The use of this water minimises any waste from the feed supply.
Commercial reveres osmosis systems
Here are some of the reverse osmosis systems available.

Commercial reveres osmosis systems can be designed for your particular applications.
We can supply and install RO systems for you individual designs. If you require a bespoke system, Please call to discuss your requirements