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Bluewater Pro 400 water purifiers The ultimate tankless reverse osmosis direct flow purification system sold today

Bluewater Pro 400 HF-HR Direct flow water Purifiers
Bluewater Pro 400 purifiers provide Cleaner healthier purer dinking water

Aquamaster water Treatment Ltd are Authorised dealers for supplying and carrying out servicing, repairs, and technical problem solving for the Bluewater Pro 400, Pro 600, Spirit 300  range of reverse osmosis purification purifiers.

Aquamaster water treatment offers you a one-stop solution for providing the Best quality water purifiers and purification systems for domestic or commercial users.
Bluewater reverse osmosis purifying systems delivers one of the highest flow rates in the industry. We welcome all Domestic and Commercial inquiries.
bluewater pro-400-purifiers are designed as a tankless reverse osmosis purification and filtration system.

Aquamaster Water Treatment Ltd are Authorised dealers, and service technicians for the Bluewater-pro-400-purifiers, Bluewater-pro-600-purifiers, and Dometic RO400, RO600C range of reverse osmosis purification systems. We can offer the complete Bluewater of reverse osmosis systems, as below. When was the last time you had your system serviced? Is your reverse osmosis system still producing good quality water with low-level TDS results? If your water quality is no longer producing excellent quality purified water, it might require a new membrane, or a membrane clean. We can help you if that is the case.

With over 40 years of experience in the water treatment purification, filtration, and water softening business. We also have the expertise to carry out repairs and servicing on the Electrolux, Dometic, and now the Bluewater Pro 400 purifiers, as well as a complete range of reverse osmosis units. Our customers come from Catering, Dentist Autoclave, Printing companies, NHS, Air-conditioning, hydroponics, cooking water, and the domestic home users who require the highest level of purification in their drinking water.

Bluewater Pro 400, Pro 400C-HF, Pro 400C-HR, Pro 400B-HR, Pro 400CV-HR, Pro 400BCV-HR, Pro 600C-HF, Pro 600C-HR.

Bluewater Pro 400, purification and filtration drinking water system.

Bluewater Pro 400, Pro 600, Bluewater Spirit 300 replacement filters.

Filter replacement part No 9192400829 sediment used in the Bluewater pro 400
Filter replacement part No 9192400837 carbon used in the Bluewater pro 400
Filter replacement part No 1507609004 carbon used in the Bluewater pro 600 2 required
Filter replacement part No 9192400043 Sediment used in the Bluewater Spirit 300


Today drinking water purification has become so important with giving people a healthier lifestyle. Our body requires clean purified drinking water so that our organs function better. When you cook your vegetables in purified water, the taste is a lot more intensive. With reverse osmosis purification, your drinks don’t have that scummy film on top of your tea or coffee. The hot water kettles stay free of hard water limescale deposits. One of the many benefits that can be offered by the Bluewater Pro 400, Pro 600, and the Spirit 300 range of purification systems. They are all tankless reverse osmosis systems and produce direct purified flowing water straight to your drinking water faucet. This means that there is normally no need to have a pressure accumulator to build up enough water pressure to force the water out of the drinking water faucet.  The Bluewater Pro 600 system, will deliver an amazing 5.7 LPM flow rate which is over 300 litres per hour. The Bluewater purifiers also provide the world’s most effective residential water cleaning technology, removing a massive 99% of the most well-known pollutants that can be found in the water, this compares to hospital standards of water quality.

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