Hertfordshire commercial water softeners, servicing repairs and maintenance

Aquamaster Water Treatment Ltd,

Commercial Water softener repairs and servicing in Hertfordshire,

Chris Camp of Aquamaster Water Treatment Ltd. Based in Cambridgeshire, has been carrying out installations, maintenance, and repair to commercial water softeners, reverse osmosis systems, and domestic water softener systems since 1975.
We look after a wide radius of customers from domestic to commercial users in Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, and Norfolk.

We have been supplying and installing domestic and Commercial water softeners in Hertfordshire and East Anglia for many years

We provide water treatment filtration and purification systems to customers that are on well water and boreholes systems. With families or commercial users using well water or borehole systems, there are nearly always water problems to resolve. These are some of the typical water issues that are commonly found with well water extraction. limescale calcium hardness, bacteria, iron, manganese, Sulphur, nitrates, nitrites, fluoride, low Ph acid water, Brackish saltwater, sand and sedimentation, grid, coloured brown water, smelly odour, milky colour.

There are many areas in the UK that have wells and boreholes producing Brackish water, this can be quite an expensive problem to treat, as the only really successful way to remove brackish salty water, is with a reverse osmosis purification system. This would normally require some type of pre-treatment to protect the membrane from fouling with, for example, limescale water hardness.

With customer satisfaction our top priority, we aim to provide first-class customer service by supplying only top quality water softeners and reverse osmosis equipment. We also carry out servicing and maintenance of domestic or commercial water softeners, reverse osmosis systems for both Residential and Commercial applications.

We supply and install Commercial treatment systems and water softeners for care homes, hotels, industrial users, universities, schools, engineering companies, garden centres, food and beverage companies. .

We carry out servicing maintenance and repairs to Most makes and models of Domestic or commercial Water softening systems. We can look after and maintain your Commercial and domestic reverse osmosis systems. We have many dentist customers who require ultrapure water for their autoclave sterilisers, as the purity levels are vital for the autoclave machines to work correctly. With all the publicity surround bottled water these days, more and more people are turning to a water purification home water system that will give them healthier drinking water.