Ecopure products

Ecopure Products can be used for your water treatment  systems for drinking water and for boilers, catering equipment, solar heating pumps and Legionella reduction.

Ecopure Products are completely non-toxic and degrades within 27 days thereby no negative effects on the environment. No conventional salt used.  Appliances and machinery last longer, whilst utility bills will be reduced on heating and electric. No corrosion of pipes, heat exchange plates, heat elements or machinery. Eco-friendly due to no brine solution or effluent, as well as no water wastage.

Ecopure products can be used in residential or commercial applications. The Minidos system is non electric, and only suitable for 15mm pipe work. The Maxidos system can be used on 22mm, 28mm pipe work and requires electric socket to plug in the unit.

Minidos liquid water conditioners                                     Maxidos liquid water conditioners

 Ecopure Products MiniDos 1 water conditionerEcopure Products Maxidos water conditioner

Ecopure Product are installed the same way as a water softener, but do not require salt or a drain connetion.

All Ecopure Products like the Eco Doser treats water by injecting an exact amount of EcoSoft liquid into the flow of water. The Ecosoft liquid prevents formation of scale deposits and the associated hardness in water. Domestically, water will feel silkier and behave as softened water, without phosphates, silicates or sodium. Commercially, Eco Doser will prevent corrosion and malfunctioning of equipment, machinery, appliances, cooling towers, boilers etc. Eco Doser will also assist in preventing bacterial build up in pipes which can result in Legionella. By preventing precipitating salts from causing scale and by sequestering the Ca/Mg ions, the liquid is highly effective in stopping scale from forming – even above 120 Celsius! The liquid is highly effective whilst remaining a cost effective alternative to a conventional softener. The Eco Doser is installed in-line to the rising main or incoming mains water pipe of a property.drain connection.