Dualflo water softeners

This is a very interesting video testing the flow rates of Harveys block salt water softener, and the Kinetico 2020C water softener.

The Dualflo Water Softeners               The Dualflo  tablet water softener

The Dualflo Water Softeners Dualflo water softeners with salt tank

Big Blue Commercial Dualflo water softeners with salt tank internal

The hard facts

Hard water delivers lime-scale right at the heart of your plumbing system Scale blocks pipes, furs up boilers, affects the functioning of appliances.Scum takes the bubble out of your bath water and leaves a sticky, dull residue on your hair,skin and clothes Rinsed crockery and glassware looks streaky, baths and sinks look smeary. Towels and nappies may feel stiff and rough after washing.

When you introduce  Dualflo water softeners to your hard water system and you’ll have a constant stream of beautiful, softened water that brings immediate benefits – all round the house.

Going with soft water

Dualflo water softeners offers you Immediate savings on heating energy Cuts down on repair, replacement and maintenance of pipes and appliances Puts the sparkle back into baths, sinks, showers,crockery and glassware

No more blocked shower heads, scum rings in the bath or furred kettles Acts as a natural conditioner on fibres as well as your own hair and skin Gives rich lather from very little soap, and crystal clear water for rinsing Saves on washing machine and dishwater chemicals.You can even retain a supply of hard water for drinking if you prefer, as we can provide a tap to your sink as part of our installation.

How water softeners work

Hard water pumped into your home passes through a bed of resin crystal beads in the unit which capture the lime scale and minerals by an ionizing process. When the beads become exhausted, they need to be regenerated by flushing through a salt water solution. Because of its technologically advanced design and unique features, Dualflo water softeners has more efficient operation than conventional models, which makes it the best performer on the market.

Dualflo water softeners

Start saving you money in your kitchen.From bars of soap to plumber’s bills… the savings start from day one, and go on and on and on. You can recoup the initial outlay after around 4 years. You don’t have to replace existing hot water cylinders and plumbing. Dualflo water softeners will de-scale your pipes and dissolve away all existing scale. Washing machines, dishwashers, boilers, hot water cylinders, showers, kettles, irons, coffee makers…. every appliance which uses water is more efficient and lasts longer. The latest softeners are plumbed very easily. If you move home it’s no more difficult to take it with you than a washing machine or dishwasher.

The Big Blue Harvey Dualflo water softeners are design for the light commercial applications. One of the nice things about this water softener, is that it is also non-electric. These water softeners are ideal for small hotels, guest houses, motels, health clubs and large family houses.

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