Commercial water softeners

Fleck 2900 commercial water softenersFleck 2900 commercial water softeners

The need to reduce the hardness of water is the most common form of water treatment. Hard water is created when naturally soft rain water percolates through subterranean rock strata and dissolves many solids including, in particular, Calcium and Magnesium. There are many areas therefore where the supply water contains a significant level of these salts. It is called hard water because of the hard deposits created when this type of water is used in many applications.

Fleck 9500 Duplex commercial water softenersFleck 9500 Duplex commercial water softeners

Duplex commercial water softener function similar to simplex units, except that they consist of two resin columns where one is in service and the second is in standby. The flow of water to service is metered and when the first column reaches exhaustion the control valve automatically switches the service flow to the
second column and then regenerates the first
column. It is then put on standby until required
again for service. In this way a duplex  commercial water softener is capable of giving a continuous 24 hour supply of softened water. Duplex softeners are therefore ideal for sites with large variations in water demand and for applications where a continuous and uninterrupted supply of soft water is essential.Duplexes are usually sized so that each vessel regenerates once per day but more frequent regens are possible as long as there is enough time in between for the salt to saturate the water (The minimum period is 4 hours). Parallel run systems are also available on larger systems where both vessels can be online at the same time with a staggered regen.

This is a image of a Amber pack High Efficiency Commercial / Industrial water softeners

Amberpack High Efficiency water softeners

The 2 images below show the Fleck 3900 and Fleck 2900 valves typically used on commercial application in water treatment.

Commercial water softener Fleck3900_300Commercial water softener Fleck2900_300